Our Mission

The mission of the Richard City Special School District and Richard Hardy Memorial School is to provide an educational environment that inspires members of the school community to reach their highest potential by promoting a love of learning, a respect of others, and a sense of civic responsibility and self discipline.



Our Vision


In the early 1920's, Mr. Richard Hardy founded the Richard City Deptford Independent School District. The school was established based upon Mr. Hardy's Creed, which has remained as the cornerstone for all that has been accomplished here since those early days. The messages therein are timeless; a set of guiding principles which remain strong in today's time. Therefore, our vision is simply to create and maintain a learning environment for the Richard Hardy community which upholds the principles set in Mr. Hardy's creed and provides the necessary preparation for our students to achieve the kind of life well-lived that Richard Hardy envisioned.


Our Goals

Goal 1: Our learning programs will be designed so that all students are successful.

Goal 2: The learning environment for teaching and learning will be safe, disciplined and well maintained.

Goal 3: Family, school and community partnerships will be fostered to promote student learning.

Goal 4: The system, school and classrooms will be organized as communities of learning.

Goal 5: Resources will be allocated to further the mission, vision, and goals of the Richard City School District and Richard Hardy Memorial School.



Our Beliefs

We believe that the following are necessary for the optimal learning environment:


  • Safety and Security, both inside and outside the buildings
  • Clean, comfortable, attractive surroundings
  • The consistent use of a positive, proactive approach
  • High levels of expectation in all things
  • Productivity and effective use of time
  • Consistent emphasis upon motivating ALL students
  • Freedom from unnecessary distraction
  • Valuing of diversity
  • An air of professionalism and cooperation
  • High expectations of personal integrity for adults and students
  • Strategies and opportunities which engage and hold the attention of all learning styles
  • A realistic/holistic approach to instruction and accountability
  • Curriculum that is rigorous and relevant
  • Well trained faculty and staff who support the premise that all students can learn
  • A high level of involvement by parents and the community
  • A balance between maintaining strong traditions of the past and the changes necessary for the future
  • An atmosphere of energy, excitement, and positive regard for all
  • A clear understanding among all that STUDENTS COME FIRST and are the center of all we do; the reason for our existence as a school system


Richard City Special School District and Richard Hardy Memorial School do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or age. Any instance of discrimination or sexual harassment should be reported to the principal or director of schools for immediate investigation.