Adventures with Ms Fox

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To: Potential Travelers

From: Ms. Fox

Re: Adventures planned for 2019

Several opportunities are being planned for students, former students, parents, and teachers from our community. In order to attend the student must be in good academic standing; have no discipline issues; be in grades 7 – 12, former student in good standing, or a graduate of RHMS; and exemplify a positive attitude.

The information regarding upcoming adventures is as follows:


WHO: Available to next years 8th grade, Betas, and 9th-12th grades.


Ms. Fox is heading to Athens and the Islands (which includes a cruise of several of the Greek Isles and extensive tour of Athens) for the 2019 out of country tour.

1. See Ms. Fox for a packet, review the details of the offered tours & cost for each..  
2. Go to  > browse tours > and type in the name of the tour; get the cost of the tour you're interested in from Ms. Fox. 

Deadline to register is October 15, 2018.