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Position: 2nd Grade

Education: Mrs. Boulware earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and Elementary Education from Winthrop College in South Carolina. She has also earned a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education there. he has a Master of Education in Early Education from the University of Georgia.

Philosophy of Education: Mrs. Boulware believes that every child has the ability to learn, and she encourages that they use their skills to succeed. She knows that social and emotional development is necessary for academic progress.

Why she became a teacher: Mrs. Boulware chose education because of her love of children and learning. She was inspired her mother's dedication to teaching.

Personal: Mrs. Boulware is the proud parent of two college graduates, John and Will. Will is a business traveler and her class learns from his many trips. Will and his wife Madeline are going to Montana and Wyoming for two weeks to see the Tetons, Glacier Park, and Yellowstone. They will hike, kayak, and camp. John is a professional musician and music teacher and visits the class to teach science lessons on sound. John is traveling to Brussels and Ireland on month-long band tours each. Then he is getting married in September and going to Costa Rica for two weeks.Her husband, Tom, is an employee of Shaw Industries.

Something Mrs. Boulware would like students and parents to know about her: Mrs. Boulware has been a teacher at Richard Hardy for 20 years. She previously taught K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades in Georgia and also directed a private preschool for twelve years.

Mrs. Boulware considers her classroom a comfortable place to support, share and learn. Observers have commented that her students participate easily in classroom learning, activities, and responsibilities. Each student works at his own learning pace, confident in what is expected of him.

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