Senior Section

Senior Scheduled Events


1. Deposits of $100 for the senior trip are due by December 15th. No money = no go!

2. Jostens packages were handed out December 9th. Inside was information for caps, gowns, & tassels (required); invitations, etc. You may order online at to order and to pay.

If you order by the written form, please return the form and a deposit of $60 to Mrs. Church by Wed., December 14th by 9:00 AM.

Senior Monthly Schedule of Events



·         Predators Ice Hockey Game  (This will be scheduled according to availability of tickets) around $25 a ticket with another $25-30 for the bus)

·         Tennessee Scholars-need to apply


·         UTC basketball game (Hopefully we can see two games and meet the players)



·         Rotary Scholarship paperwork due

·         Marion County Children’s fund Scholarship due

·         Raulston Scholarship paperwork due

·         Senior Photo CD-Please include pictures from elementary, junior high, and early high school.  Individual pictures and friend, field trip pictures would all be appreciated-just send them to me in a baggie or envelope with your name on them.  After we scan them, we will make sure they get back to you.  No more than ten pictures per senior.  Remember, these are pictures that will be seen at the Senior Banquet.

·         Senior Superlatives

·         Lookouts Baseball Game


·         Brooks Scholarship

·         Lion’s Club Scholarship due

·         1-Final day for the Grad Ad in the Yearbook

·         Senior Exams May 9 and 10 for all classes-all make-up work due before we leave on Senior Trip

·         Senior Florida Trip-May 9 (1/2 day )- May 13  Tuesday-Sunday

·         Senior Picnic/Kickball Game

·         Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

·         Honors Banquet

·         Graduation




·         13-Senior Portraits @ Colorcraft-call and make an appointment

·         19-money due for Escape Chattanooga-$28

·         26-11:30-Senior Lunch-Parents provide food

·         Seniors vote on the design choices for Senior “t” shirts-money will be due when we order the shirts.  More information on cost after the design has been chosen.

·         Turn in reference letters as soon as possible.


·         College Trip to ?

·         Ask Teachers for Reference letters.  Please provide them a list of activities you have been involved in.  Turn them in by October 15.

·         September 6-Escape Chattanooga Trip

Choices: The Inheritance, Vaccine-Search for the Cure, or C-Block.  No more than 10 in a room.

This is an after school trip.


·         Fundraisers: Gift Cards-Everyone must bring ten dollars to Mrs. Church for these by October 3rd and drawing for a YETI cooler-to be used on Senior Trip or activities. Selling sheet sets are a possibility.  You will have more information on that later.

·         15-All reference letters due, personal statements due

·         Haunted House Trip to either :

Haunted Hilltop-$20 or Twisted Nightmares $10

·         Start filling out applications for college.

Things to do:

Read the application all the way through.

Make a list of what you will need.

See how many references they require.

If there is an essay, how long does it need to be and what is the topic?

Use one color of ink.

Be neat…use whiteout if you need to correct something (no scribbling out)

Package your application.  Put it in a folder or envelope.


·         1-You need to have applied by this date to three colleges.

·         Tennessee Promise is due.


·         Lock in, movie night

·         Rock City