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  • Athletic Director - David Jones
  • Cheerleading - Lyne Garman
  • Boys Basketball - David Jones (head coach) & Carl Layne (assistant coach)
  • Girls Basketball - Kelby Ferrell (head coach) & Brandi Youjng (assistant coach)
  • MS Boys Basketball - David Jones
  • MS Girls Basketball - Brandi Young
  • Volleyball - TBD
  • Baseball - Tommy Wells
  • Football - Tony Webb (Lookout Valley head coach)

Richard Hardy offers Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball, & Baseball (Bold indicates HS). Football is also offered through Lookout Valley Middle/High School.




The football team is coached by Tony Webb.LVYJTrans

RHMS has teamed up with Lookout Valley for high school football this year. Below is the schedule.


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About Us

Sheila Stephenson (head coach)vb


  • Must be in grades 8-12
  • Must maintain a C or higher in all classes
  • Must maintain a positive attitude
  • Must be a team player
  • Must be willing to work hard


Game and Practice Schedule for August

 Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
7 Practice 3-5 8 Practice 3-5 9 Practice 3-5 10 Practice 3-5 11 Practice 3-5
14 GAME 15 Practice 3-5
16 Practice 3-5 17 Practice 3-5 18 Practice 3-5
21 GAME 22 GAME 23 Practice 3-5 24 GAME 25 Practice 3-5
28 Practice 3-5
29 Practice 3-5 30 Practice 3-5 31 GAME 1 Practice 3-5


Volleyball Game Schedule 2017



Volleyball played well is a thing of beauty. Few athletic endeavors require as much teamwork; rarely does a sport reward hard work so completely. Athletes who study the game and apply the lessons learned relish every opportunity to practice and play. Spectators who watch competitive volleyball for the first time are easily hooked.

I am committed to you as students, as athletes and as young women. It is my goal as your coach to provide every opportunity for you to become as good as you want to be. More important, I will strive to help you and your teammates become the best team you can be.


As an RHMS volleyball player, you agree that the team is paramount. Your individual goals and your team’s goals do not necessarily conflict, but when they do, you accept that decisions are made for the good of the team. Successes are sweeter—setbacks sting less—when they are shared.

The best way to improve your team is to improve as an individual. Competition is not just healthy, it is mandatory.


Each player must decide if she buys into our system and is willing to commit to this team. Every rule is for the benefit of the team, and you have to decide, in advance, whether you want to follow them. If not, you should not be a part of the team.


You must trust your coach and your teammates, and behave in a way that earns their respect. You must do everything reasonably necessary to make yourself and your team better.


There is often more than one way to do things correctly. In some cases, however, your coach will select a specific strategy for the benefit of the entire team, even if it may not seem to benefit a particular individual. You must be willing to make changes according to your coach’s suggestions. If the coach seems to be “riding” you, it is usually because it is believed that you are capable of a higher level of performance.


Winning matters! But winning is hard. There is nothing easy about becoming great.

Everyone wants to win, but few make the sacrifices to do it. No one will give you anything in life, you must earn it. You cannot cut corners. If, for example, you don’t have a consistent, killer serve, you should work long and hard to get one.


To balance academics, athletics, work and family, you must plan ahead and make difficult choices. The choices you make will affect your future opportunities. Choose wisely.


As an RHMS volleyball player, you maintain the same focus and enthusiasm whether you are between the lines or on the bench. You accept that playing time is decided by the coach for the good of the team in the circumstances of the moment. You know that Richard Hardy’s bench is its secret weapon: every player has her head in the game at every moment, and is ready to come in at any opportunity.

You have a big say in your playing time. The coach establishes objective standards, and those who score highest on those standards will get the most time in matches.


Your coach wants you to know that almost any obstacle can be overcome with hard work. Commitment, perseverance and responsibility will be rewarded.


Volleyball is one of the most fun sports in the world. You know you’ve chosen the right sport if you simply can't wait to get back in the gym, and absolutely love stepping on the court with your friends and teammates every chance you get.


As you move through high school, share your new skills and insight with new or younger players. Be generous with your time. Consider helping at the middle school or club level as an assistant coach or referee. Richard Hardy Volleyball has a strong tradition and a proud history. Be an active and involved Lady Hawk volleyball alumnus.

RHMS Volleyball Team Rules

1.) Grades come first!! However it is the student’s responsibility to maintain at least a “C” average. They may not put off projects and studying until last minute and miss a game or practice in order to finish projects or study. The coach will send a player to tutoring if a “D” or “F” is reported by a teacher. If a player has a “D” or an “F”, she will not start in the next game. If after sufficient time has lapsed for that grade to be raised and it has not been, the coach will not play that student until the grade is at least a “C”. I will be checking with teachers weekly.

2.) Any player who is late to practice is subject to a penalty to be made up after practice. All Varsity and JV report at 3:00 pm dressed and ready for practice. Warm-ups must be completed and the net put up properly before the balls are handled. All  must be completed by 3:15 pm.

3.) All players must attend all practices and be on time. Players who are absent will need to bring a note from home or doctor to the coach. Please schedule appointments around our season whenever possible. Tests need to be made up around our practice time as well. (Before school, lunch breaks, before games or school, etc...)

4.) Any player who misses a practice without a valid excuse will not start in the next match. Any player who misses 2 or more practices will not play in the next match, regardless of reasons. If they are too sick to practice, they are too sick to play. (Not starting a game does not mean that they do not play.) A player must be in school ½ day to play or practice that night. The only exceptions are a death in the family and/or college visits for athletic scholarship decisions as we realize those can be impossible to reschedule.

5.) All players will be dedicated to this team and its well-being. All players and coaches will look out for each other when at practices and games. No one is to ever walk off alone-always go with a buddy, and tell a coach! If there is a problem-personal or otherwise, see a coach or team captain. Do not let things upset you, talk to someone. We NEVER talk bad about a coach or teammate.

6.) You are to leave games with YOUR PARENT, or whomever you rode TO the game with. The entire team is to be present for both Varsity and JV games. Show support to your teammates. JV will be keeping stats for the Varsity and the Varsity will be keeping stats for the JV.

7.) Cell phones are to be turned off during practices, games, or any team functions. Players need to spend time with their teammates, not on the phone with friends, boyfriends, etc…

8.) Do NOT get into trouble at school or off campus. This could result in team suspension or expulsion. You represent Richard Hardy and this volleyball team; therefore you are expected to be responsible, well-mannered young women. Alcohol, drug, and tobacco use is not only prohibited, but so is being at a party or with friends in possession of it. You are under age and it is illegal. Who you hang out with is a reflection on you both by reputation and legally you can get into trouble. Should you get into trouble with a teacher, staff, or police, you will have to deal with the Coaching staff. This goes for the entire year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

9.) Should you ever need to leave school for any reason, or miss a school, practice, or games, you need to leave a message for the coach. Miss Stephenson’s number is 423-664-2929.

10.) Practices are closed to parents, friends, boyfriends, brothers and sisters. Managers, Coaches, and players are the only ones who should be in the gym during practice. We cannot be liable for others in the gym, and do not need the added distractions. Parents are welcome to watch from the cafeteria window. No siblings of players should ever be unattended in the gym or cafeteria.

11.) Coaches determine who plays and when based on performance in practices. If there is ever a question about playing time or position, make an appointment at an appropriate time, and bring your uniform. The first line of communication is to be between players and coaches first!! The next step is for parents to talk to coaches, then parents to talk to the Athletic Director. There will be no discussion that does not begin without a player first talking to a coach. Players and parents are to respect coaching decisions and not undermine the volleyball program with comments in the stands, on the bench, or in practices. Parents and daughters are to be honest and open with one another so there are no misunderstandings about why decisions are being made on practices and games on a regular basis.

12.) All the players are responsible for setting up and taking down the net before and after practices. No player is to leave until the coach and captains agree that everything is in good order. Everyone helps clean up after practices and games. We work as a team; we play as a team.


13.) If a player breaks the rules, she is subject to suspension or expulsion from the team. The coaches reserve the right to do so should anyone interfere with this team and its goals, or break a team or school rule.



Parents have long been central to the success of the Richard Hardy Volleyball program. The Lady Hawks enjoy an unusually high level of encouragement and sportsmanship from members of their extended family, including parents, alumni, teachers, school administrators and fans. We welcome the chance to continue that tradition of support.


The coach knows the joys and frustrations that can accompany that relationship. I am glad to speak with you about your daughter, but ask that you:

Insist that your daughter try to work out volleyball-related issues directly with her coach before enlisting your assistance. Learning to deal with authority figures is one of the supreme benefits of participation in organized sports.

Discuss all concerns with the volleyball coaching staff first before contacting the school’s Athletic Director or administrators. Do these discussions in private - never in front of the girls.

Avoid jumping to conclusions. Remember that some teenagers tend to exaggerate both when praised and criticized, and that decisions about complicated issues like playing time are usually the product of many factors.

Remember that independence through athletics is critical in a child's development. Parents should consider the value of stepping back to "release their child" to their sport, except where there is clear evidence of physical or emotional concerns.


If you are concerned about a volleyball-related issue that requires you to speak directly with a coach, we ask that you wait at least 24 hours after the triggering event. Cooler heads are inevitably more productive. We always enjoy chatting with parents at the conclusion of matches, but cannot address non-emergency issues at that time. We also cannot interrupt practice sessions.


All parents (and players) are expected to demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship while representing Richard Hardy Volleyball. Please cheer for our team’s efforts and successes. Parents and other fans should never celebrate our opponents’ mistakes.

While in the gymnasium, keep all comments positive—remember, you are sitting among parents from the other school. Please do not compare the skill or attitude of your daughter out loud with other members of the team.

Volleyball officials are off-limits for parents. Refrain from yelling at the referees—before, during and after the match—no matter what the perceived error or injustice. Any parent or spectator entering the court will be issued a fine. That fine will be paid by the person who incurred it. The RHMS coach believes that players must learn to perform under adversity, and to not waste emotion or effort on things not within their control.

Take the time to learn more about volleyball rules and strategy. What sometimes seems like a blown call or a poor coaching decision often looks much different if you have a more detailed appreciation for the nuances of this sometimes-complicated sport.

Consider it a sign of trouble if a player looks into the stands repeatedly for parental approval or disapproval during a game.


For coaches, delegating playing time is a zero-sum exercise: the decision to give one player more time on the court means another player will get less. As such, all good coaches know that with each decision, however well-considered, comes the likelihood that someone will be disappointed.

Our athletes have a big say in their playing time. The RHMS coach has established objective standards, and those who score highest on those standards will get the most time in matches.

Strong teams have strong benches. Players who keep focused on the match while not on the court greatly increase their chances of success once they enter the game. Spirited bench players almost always infect their teammates with optimism and extra energy.

Lineup decisions are primarily the result of careful consideration about our own team’s chemistry, and our opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Playing time is earned by hard work, proven performance and an occasional hunch. Coaches take a season-long view about each player’s time on the court.

Parents should resist measuring their daughter’s volleyball experience solely by the amount of her playing time. We strive to inject each player with a love for the sport, teaching her to value the opportunity to be strong and confident, whether in practice or a game.


The Richard Hardy Lady Hawks needs to work the concession stand during the game. Every parent should plan to work. The varsity moms, dads, aunts, uncles, etc. should work during the JV game. The JV families should work during the Varsity game. That way everyone gets to watch their daughters play.


Two line judges are needed for every home game. Parents need to volunteer two or three times. If everyone does their share, no one should miss watching their girls play. Varsity parents will work during the JV game and JV parents will work during the Varsity game.

We also need a scorekeeper to keep the books. This person would not have to work in concessions or be a line judge because this task is full time. It involves every home game (and all away games if possible).

One other job is to keep the score clock. Again this is for every home game. This person would not have to work in concessions or be a line judge because this task is full time.


All RHMS volleyball players are expected to help raise funds. Volleyball, as with all sports, has expenses. Uniforms are needed, as well as training equipment, game equipment, referee expenses etc. It is a necessary device to get what your daughters need. If enough is raised, you will have no out-of-pocket expenses. That is the goal. Please do all you can to help us reach that goal. The Lady Hawks will also take sponsors for our team. Those sponsors will receive a sign on the gym wall and possibly on our warm-up uniforms (depending on the amount donated).


The bleachers do not clean themselves. Since we will be using the gym daily for practice and a couple times a week for games, it is requested that families of players help us pick up trash and take it out to the dumpster immediately after the games. Many hands make light work.


Since RHMS has no buses, we travel to and from games in cars. Parents are requested to drive as many players as their vehicle can take, so we have fewer cars in our caravan. Players are to be present for both JV and Varsity matches. No one is to leave after their match is over or arrive after the first match is completed. The appearance must be that we support everyone as a team. It is disheartening to players when they see a large group get up and leave. Plan to stay for all games unless you have cleared it with the coach prior to the day of the game.


"There are appropriate and inappropriate subjects that a parent can discuss with a coach. Appropriate ones are mental and physical treatment of the child, ways to help the child improve and the child's behavior. Inappropriate ones are playing time, strategy and other team members."--Bruce Bowen

"There are four positions on an athletic field: spectator, referee, coach, and player. You get to choose one and only one."--Bruce Bowen

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MS Girls Basketball

About Us   Hawk em

Linette Everett, coach



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MS Boys Basketball

About Us   Hawk em

David Jones, Coach


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Katie Redkey, coach  


Cheer will be practicing. Dates to be determined.

We will cheer for boys and girls varsity basketball games in the fall. 


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HS Girls Basketball

About Us

Kelby Ferrell (head coach) and Austin Towery and Carl Layne (assistant coaches)RunnerUp



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HS Boys Basketball

The HS Boys basketball team is coached by David Jones.

 Below is the complete schedule for the HS Thanksgiving Tournament.

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