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  • Interact Membership Requirements


In order to be selected for membership to the Richard Hardy Memorial School Interact Club, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. No failing grades from the previous year.
  2. No more than 29 absences.
  3. No suspensions or ISS.
  4. Must be willing to attend out-of-school events.
  5. Must be recommended by at least 2 teachers.

*Interact sponsors reserve the right to make the final determination on admittance.


  • Interact Probation Offenses

    Interact Members will be placed on probation if the following things occur:

  1. Miss 2 or more meetings in a semester without providing a documented excuse.
  2. Failure to attend an out of school activity without prior notice.
  3. Receive a failing grade on a report card.
  4. Failure to volunteer 3 hours in a quarter (nine weeks) for the Interact Club.
  5. Behavior issue resulting in ISS or suspension.
  • Members on probation must attend every meeting and activity for the probation period of nine weeks. Members you fail to meet probation requirements will be dismissed from Interact.