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Family Involvement Plan



Goal Statement: To encourage and maintain effective relationships between school, parents/guardians and community.

Objective 1: Provide timely communications concerning school curriculum, assessments, and events.

Action Steps:

  • A system-wide calendar is distributed at the beginning of each school year within the parent handbook.

  • A website for our school system is regularly maintained with postings of the school calendar and links to the school website.

  • School-wide monthly newspaper is sent home to all parents to provide information about upcoming events and an overview of school activities.

  • A student/parent handbook is provided to outline school procedures, discipline policies, dress-code, and other pertinent information.

  • Convene parent/teacher conferences to inform and present parents an opportunity to have input in academic progress.

  • The school sign outside will provide announcements of events.

  • Notes will be sent home, or phone calls made to address specific student's needs or school activities.

  • Teachers will initiate ongoing communications with parents.


Objective 2: Promote family and community participation in school activities.


Action Steps:

  • Volunteers will be solicited for school needs.

  • An orientation will be held to educate volunteers about policies and procedures of the school.

  • Notes and phone calls to solicit help will be made.

  • Volunteers are given an application to fill out and guidelines to follow.

  • Volunteers sign-in upon arrival to the school so that their participation can be monitored.

  • Parents/Guardians are invited to assist in school activities such as field trips, in-class projects, at home projects, etc.

Objective 3: Provide curriculum-based activities to be utilized at home to enable and encourage parents to participate in their child's education.


Action Steps:

  • Distribute information that  provides parents advice on educating children.

  • Encourage home reading by sending books for parents and students to read together.

  • Family Reading Nights will be held 2 times a year.

  • Teachers may provide for projects and activities to be shared and /or instructed at home.

  • Parents workshops are offered to give parents tools for helping the child.


Objective 4: Provide parents opportunities to give input concerning school needs and goals.


Action Plan:

  1. A committee of faculty, parents and students will be appointed to review the school compact.

  2. The compact will serve as an agreement between school, parents, and students to take certain responsibilities.

  3. Yearly surveys will be completed by parents.

  4. Parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time to schedule a conference with a staff member.

  5. Encourage parents to observe in child's classroom.


Objective 5: Coordinate community services with students needs.


Action Plan:

  1. The school counselor will work with students according to their needs.

  2. The Lion's Club will do vision screening each year.

  3. We will work with the Lion's Club on a food drive for community.

Evaluation: Evaluation will be based can completion of activities listed in the Action Plan. Parent's surveys will be used to determine the effectiveness of the Parent Involvement Plan.