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RHMS Volleyball Team Rules

1.) Grades come first!! However it is the student’s responsibility to maintain at least a “C” average. They may not put off projects and studying until last minute and miss a game or practice in order to finish projects or study. The coach will send a player to tutoring if a “D” or “F” is reported by a teacher. If a player has a “D” or an “F”, she will not start in the next game. If after sufficient time has lapsed for that grade to be raised and it has not been, the coach will not play that student until the grade is at least a “C”. I will be checking with teachers weekly.

2.) Any player who is late to practice is subject to a penalty to be made up after practice. All Varsity and JV report at 3:00 pm dressed and ready for practice. Warm-ups must be completed and the net put up properly before the balls are handled. All  must be completed by 3:15 pm.

3.) All players must attend all practices and be on time. Players who are absent will need to bring a note from home or doctor to the coach. Please schedule appointments around our season whenever possible. Tests need to be made up around our practice time as well. (Before school, lunch breaks, before games or school, etc...)

4.) Any player who misses a practice without a valid excuse will not start in the next match. Any player who misses 2 or more practices will not play in the next match, regardless of reasons. If they are too sick to practice, they are too sick to play. (Not starting a game does not mean that they do not play.) A player must be in school ½ day to play or practice that night. The only exceptions are a death in the family and/or college visits for athletic scholarship decisions as we realize those can be impossible to reschedule.

5.) All players will be dedicated to this team and its well-being. All players and coaches will look out for each other when at practices and games. No one is to ever walk off alone-always go with a buddy, and tell a coach! If there is a problem-personal or otherwise, see a coach or team captain. Do not let things upset you, talk to someone. We NEVER talk bad about a coach or teammate.

6.) You are to leave games with YOUR PARENT, or whomever you rode TO the game with. The entire team is to be present for both Varsity and JV games. Show support to your teammates. JV will be keeping stats for the Varsity and the Varsity will be keeping stats for the JV.

7.) Cell phones are to be turned off during practices, games, or any team functions. Players need to spend time with their teammates, not on the phone with friends, boyfriends, etc…

8.) Do NOT get into trouble at school or off campus. This could result in team suspension or expulsion. You represent Richard Hardy and this volleyball team; therefore you are expected to be responsible, well-mannered young women. Alcohol, drug, and tobacco use is not only prohibited, but so is being at a party or with friends in possession of it. You are under age and it is illegal. Who you hang out with is a reflection on you both by reputation and legally you can get into trouble. Should you get into trouble with a teacher, staff, or police, you will have to deal with the Coaching staff. This goes for the entire year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

9.) Should you ever need to leave school for any reason, or miss a school, practice, or games, you need to leave a message for the coach. Miss Stephenson’s number is 423-664-2929.

10.) Practices are closed to parents, friends, boyfriends, brothers and sisters. Managers, Coaches, and players are the only ones who should be in the gym during practice. We cannot be liable for others in the gym, and do not need the added distractions. Parents are welcome to watch from the cafeteria window. No siblings of players should ever be unattended in the gym or cafeteria.

11.) Coaches determine who plays and when based on performance in practices. If there is ever a question about playing time or position, make an appointment at an appropriate time, and bring your uniform. The first line of communication is to be between players and coaches first!! The next step is for parents to talk to coaches, then parents to talk to the Athletic Director. There will be no discussion that does not begin without a player first talking to a coach. Players and parents are to respect coaching decisions and not undermine the volleyball program with comments in the stands, on the bench, or in practices. Parents and daughters are to be honest and open with one another so there are no misunderstandings about why decisions are being made on practices and games on a regular basis.

12.) All the players are responsible for setting up and taking down the net before and after practices. No player is to leave until the coach and captains agree that everything is in good order. Everyone helps clean up after practices and games. We work as a team; we play as a team.


13.) If a player breaks the rules, she is subject to suspension or expulsion from the team. The coaches reserve the right to do so should anyone interfere with this team and its goals, or break a team or school rule.