Cell Phones

Cell Phones

The board of education recognizes that in our current fast-paced and sometimes unfriendly environments, cell phones and other communication devices are considered an essential tool for safety. The board also recognizes that this communication technology can be abused to create distraction from the educational process during school activities. Therefore in consideration of these facts, the following policy is adopted.

Cell phones, iPods, digital cameras or other wireless communication devices may not be used during class hours (7:50 AM -2:45 PM). Students may bring them to school and store them in their lockers in the off mode or they can be carried in the off mode. Further, the devices are not to be used during after-school activities or field trips without the express consent of the supervising faculty or staff.

Cell phones and other devices found on students must be in the off mode, or they will be confiscated by school officials and returned per procedures established below. Devices not picked up within 30 days of confiscation will be donated to local government or charity. Prior to the donation, written notification will be made with a 10 day waiting period for owner action.

Such donations will be documented by the principal’s office. The RCSSD or its authorized representatives shall not assume responsibility for these items if they are damaged, lost or stolen at any time. Cell phones and other devices found on students in the on mode are to be confiscated by school officials and returned as follows:

OffenseStudentCell Phone
1stParent/Student ConferencePhone will remain in the office until the end of the day. Phone is returned to the student at the end of the school day.
2ndISS (3 days)Phone will remain in the office during the days served in ISS. Phone is returned to the student at the end of the school day.
3rdStudent five days OSSPhone is not kept at the school.

Confiscation of the devices covered in these procedures will be tagged with the following information and given to the school principal.

  1. Name of Student with phone
  2. Name of owner if different from user.
  3. Description of device including serial number
  4. Date and time of confiscation
  5. Location of confiscation
  6. Name of person confiscating the device

Major Offenses Procedure:

Cell phones and other electronic devices used during school hours for the purpose of texting/emailing/viewing: obscenity, cyber bullying, elicit pictures, threatening to harm school property or students/faculty/staff are considered Major Offenses. The administration/school discipline committee will view the infraction and present punishment as deemed fit for the incident.