Driving Parking Childcare

Arrival and Dismissal


ALL students must Enter/Exit through the breezeway

(between Elementary/Middle School buildings)

  1. Students who do not drive may be dropped off on Marion Street or 17th Street at the crossing guard stations or the walk-in areas in the fence. Please also note that 11th Street is one-way running northwest from Marion Street until it curves into Wayne Avenue. ·
  1. In the morning, students should exit the vehicle:
    1. on the side of the car closest to the building (if it is necessary for a student to exit the car on the opposite side, please cross in front of the vehicle in which you are riding),
    2. if you cannot exit quickly, please pull into a parking space to allow your child to take the necessary time as to not block traffic,
    3. at or near one of the four areas where a crossing guard is posted,
    4. if before 7:30 AM, walk to the cafeteria on the sidewalk
    5. after 7:30 AM, proceed to your classroom/1st period class.
    6. no one is to use the front door to the historical building in the morning.
  1. In the afternoon,
    1. Kindergarten students are dismissed at 2:30 PM by the back door of the Historical Building and be taken to the crossing at 17th and Hamilton Avenue. From there, they may proceed to their rides – which are parked in a safe area or designated parking spot. Parents are no longer allowed to wait in the center of the road for their children to enter the vehicle once school is out (this practice is unsafe and causes traffic jams.)
    2. Students in grades 1-5 are to exit to the rear of the Historical Building. If they are not picked up by 3:00 PM, they will be sent to after school.
    3. Students in grades 6-12 should exit by the SE exit of the MS Building or by the SW exit (three-door exit) of the HS and proceed to your cars immediately unless participating in school sponsored extracurricular activities. If are not picked up by 3:00 PM, students are to phone home.
    4. All students walking home are to wait patiently to cross the road at the crosswalks manned by one of the Safety Patrollers with a STOP sign in hand.
    5. No student will be allowed to buy slushies and bring them to the porch.
  2. Drivers
    1. Please observe the speed limit (15 MPH or lower).
    2. Please be courteous to the Safety Patrollers and obey their instructions.
    3. Please observe good driving habits – remember… little ones are watching.
    4. Please remember that parallel parking along 11th Street or in an intersection, is not allowed, again, this obstructs traffic and causes safety problems.
    5. Reserved Parking: During school hours do not park in the reserved parking inside the fence.
    6. Handicap Parking: Please do not park in a handicap area unless you have a handicap sticker or tag.

After School Care Program – Students in grades K-8 not picked up by 3:00 PM will be taken to the After School Care Program. The After School Care Program is available for all families as a service for those that work late or for occasional emergency child care use if needed. The fee is $10.00 per day for the first child, $5.00 for additional children in the same family. Students will be in the cafeteria. Please see her for more information or to enroll your child in the After School Care Program.

Before School Care PLEASE do not bring or drop off students before 7:00 AM. (Breakfast is also being served at this time.) This service is to accommodate families that must drop students off before 7:30 AM. These children must go to the cafeteria in the HS Building. Ideally, children should be dropped off between 7:30 and 7:45 (if they are not eating breakfast). Then they may go straight to their own classrooms after entering through their assigned door.

Safety Patrol – Selected students in the middle school grades will be available to supervise the safety of students walking in and out of the building. These students are to be shown respect as they insure our students’ safe arrival and departure of school.

Reserved Parking – Please do not park in reserved parking spaces inside the fence next to the Middle School building nor around back near the High School building. Please be courteous enough to our staff to avoid parking in their spaces.

Student Driving/Parking – All students’ cars must be parked in the designated parking areas on 17th Street. THERE WILL BE NO STUDENT PARKING ON HAMILTON AVENUE IN FRONT OF THE HISTORIC BUILDING.  No students should be in or near cars during the school day. Driving and parking at school is a privilege, not a right. Students who choose not to abide by school parking procedures will lose this privilege. If a student needs to go to their car during the day, they need to come by the office for permission.