Field Trips

Field Trips


The faculty and staff of Richard Hardy Memorial School believe that field trips are an essential part of the learning experience. Students can learn so much by visiting off campus sites such as museums, businesses, historical sites, etc. We like to offer these educational trips to enhance what we are teaching in the classrooms. We want to thank you ahead of time for assisting us in these exciting and educational trips.

We have developed the following guidelines that apply to all field trips at RHMS:

  1. All drivers are to have valid driver’s licenses and liability insurance on their car when traveling on the field trip.
  2. Student safety is very important to us. All drivers should obey the posted speed limits, and should be buckled into a seat at all times.
  3. Please respect the health of the children and do not smoke around them, especially in the car.
  4. Children who are not students in-the class (siblings) or students at RHMS may not be brought on the trip as they create both educational and safety distractions to the chaperones.
  5. Please plan to feed your child and yourself before you get to school to leave on a field trip. It may hurt other children’s feelings if you bring “breakfast” for one child and not for the whole group.
  6. Do not make any side trip on the way to or from the field trip.
  7. Please, know that if you sign up to drive on a field trip, we are counting on you. If you cancel at the last minute, we may not have enough drivers and will have to cancel the trip completely. If something comes up, please contact the teacher as soon as you possibly can, so that we can make other arrangements.
  8. Please arrive at the school at least 15 minutes before time to leave on the trip. This will give you time to go over travel routes, student assignments and other little details.

There will be no refunds for children/adults who do not show up for, or who decide not to go on a field trip. We have to turn in the money and the number of students attending well in advance of the date of the trip.  Once the money is sent to the destination site (Business Office), we cannot get money back from them.