Financial Information

Financial Information

Out-of-District Tuition – Students living outside the Richard City Special School District boundaries, but still in the state of Tennessee pay $100.00 tuition per year as set by the Richard City Board of Education. Payment of tuition is expected on the first day of school. If you move out of state or out of district during the school year, you will be expected to pay tuition. The custodial parent/legal guardian/individual with power of attorney must reside within Richard City SSD in order to qualify as a student within district.

Out-of-State Tuition – Out-of-State tuition must be collected on every child that does not live in the State of Tennessee. By Tennessee State Law, the Richard City Special School District must collect an amount equal to the amount of money the State provides our system to educate children living in Tennessee. Out-of-State tuition for the school year is $6,860.00 per child. If a student moves out of state during the school year, the school must be informed immediately. The custodial parent/legal guardian/individual with power of attorney must reside in the State of Tennessee in order to qualify as a student within state line.

Proof of Residency – RHMS will require you to show proof of residency in our district or in our state at any time. Examples of such proof would be a rent receipt or utility bill in the custodial parents’/legal guardian’s/power of attorney of the individual that resides within Richard City SSD.

Money for supplies, lunch, etc. – Please send correct change if at all possible. For small children, enclose money in a labeled envelope or baggie so that the teacher will know exactly what it is for. If you have children in one or more classrooms, money for lunch, etc., must be sent separately.

Returned Checks – There will be $36.00 fee administered for all returned checks.

Debt to School – If parents or students owe a debt to the school at the end of each nine weeks, the following documents will be withheld until payments or arrangements are made with the (Finance Office) to clear the debt: diploma, final report cards and/or transcripts. This includes lunch charges.)

Fees/Fines for lost or damaged books – Fees/fines for lost or damaged textbooks and library books will be charged to the student to whom the book is assigned or checked out. Grade cards are held until all outstanding fees are paid.

Activity Fees – An annual activity fee of $50.00 is charged to each student to provide for the value-added educational supplies not normally supplied by the State. Some examples of these purchases are: assignment books, workbooks, extra copy paper, etc.