General School Operation

General School Information



Passes – A school pass that has such information as your name, the location you are going to and the time you are to return is required. Any teacher or staff member may ask to see your pass. Please present it to them in a courteous manner. The goal in checking your pass is to help you get the most time-on-task in your studies. Teachers will have sign in and sign out sheets.

Library Information – Students have regular times to go to the library for skills instruction and opportunities to check out books. Books may be checked out/in from 1:00 – 3:00 PM and at other times as scheduled. Students in grades K-5 should have permission and a pass from their homeroom teacher to go to the library during the morning session.

Lost and Found – Lost and found items are to be turned in by the finder to the lost and found box located outside the bathroom in the middle school.  Please label all supplies, jackets, lunch boxes, etc., so that if they are misplaced, we can return them to the owner. Once each month (on or before the last working day of the month), the lost and found articles may be sent to a local charity if not removed or may be put in the trash.

Lockers – Lockers must be used by students in grades 7-12 for a $5.00 locker fee. Locks not obtained from RHMS may not be put on our lockers. If these locks are found, they will be cut off. This policy has been implemented due the increased needs in the area of safety and security. Students should not share their locker combinations with each other as things have been stolen or vandalism has occurred.  These lockers should be kept neat and free of protruding objects, stickers, etc. Nothing can be attached to the lockers but magnetic accessories. There will be periodic checks of locker cleanliness. The lockers belong to the school. The teachers and administrators have the right to search the locker and its contents at any time. Students who do not follow the rules for lockers or who abuse or damage their locker will have their locker taken from them with no refund of fees.

Immunization/Health Record – When students enroll at RHMS, they must have an up­-to-date immunization (shot) record on file in the office on the appropriate Tennessee Form. Additional shots may be required according to the State Health Department’s directives. Students must also have had a complete health physical within the last three years in order to enroll at RHMS. All students coming from out-of-state are required by State law to have a new physical in order to enroll.

Student Insurance – All students participating in interscholastic sports (basketball, baseball, volleyball, cheerleading, etc.) must have proof of full coverage insurance before participating. Proof of insurance (copy of insurance form) must be provided to the Athletic Director prior to the first day of practice.

Medicine – Medicine should be dispensed at home whenever possible. According to state law, if your child must take medicine at school, he/she must be competent to self­ administer the necessary prescription medication with assistance from the school nurse. For occasional medication, the student must have a note signed and dated by the parent giving permission, dosage, and time for the school nurse to assist with self­ administration of medication. (The school nurse will assist students with self­ administration primarily by providing storage of and timely distribution of medication.) Students who are on daily medication that must be taken during school hours will have a form to fill out for our files before medication can be administered.  The student and the school nurse will then document the self-administration of medication.

Flower Deliveries – Flower arrangements and balloons will not be accepted for a student during the school day.

Textbooks Hardbound – Textbooks are not consumable.   They are used for multiple years.   Therefore students need to work hard at keeping books in their best condition as it will benefit all students.

  1. Keep a cover on all textbooks all year long.
  2. Do not mark in a textbook unless instructed to do so by a teacher. The condition of each textbook will be assessed each semester. We try to use our textbooks for at least five years if not more. If a textbook was issued in serviceable condition but is lost, destroyed or rendered unserviceable through damage, the cost of the textbook will be charged to the student on a pro rata basis of the semester of issue. For example, if a text book is rendered unserviceable, the cost of replacement will be at the discretion of the librarian.

**Please note that a new textbook will not be issued until the old one is paid for.


7:00 AM Breakfast Served in Cafeteria

7:30 AM School Opens

7:45 AM Classes Begin

2:30 PM Kindergarten Classes End

2:45 PM School Ends

2:45 PM Front Porch Supervision Begins

3:00 PM After School Care Begins