Gifted Children

Intellectually Gifted Children


As defined by the Tennessee State Department of Education:

“Intellectually Gifted” means a child whose intellectual abilities and potential for achievement are so outstanding the child’s educational performance is adversely affected. “Adverse effect” means the general curriculum alone is inadequate to appropriately meet the student’s educational needs.

The Referral Process:

Anyone, including the parent(s), guardian, or community professional may refer a student for screening and possible evaluation.

A screening team of educational professionals considers screening information, previous evaluation, and teacher/parent input to determine if a comprehensive evaluation is needed. The team’s decision is based on multiple data sources.

An assessment team will determine the types of assessment needed. All procedural safeguards are followed to ensure evaluation procedures are non-discriminatory.


Special services are often required to meet the unique needs of gifted children. A team of professionals and the child’s parent(s) plan the student’s educational program based on the assessment information obtained through the evaluation process.

Richard Hardy Memorial School offers various services for students who are eligible as meeting state criteria as Intellectually Gifted. Services include but are not limited to: acceleration of curriculum in the general education classroom, specific subject-area advancement, acceleration of curriculum in the general education classroom, and curriculum compacting.

If you would like to refer a student at Richard Hardy Memorial School for screening, please contact the Principal or Director of Special Education. 423-837-7282 ext 106