Parent Guardian Policies

Parent/Guardian Policies

Parent-Teacher Conferences At anytime you have a concern regarding your child, it is our desire that you set up a parent-teacher conference. You may ask that an administrator be present also. If you wish to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher or an administrator, please contact the teacher or call the office (423-837-7282) to make an appointment so that the teacher or administrator can arrange a time to meet with you. Unless you have a pre-arranged appointment, please do not drop in for a conference. To insure the safety and security of the students and a smoothly run school, we must insist that our teachers and administrators be seen by appointment only.  Two (2) School-wide Parent/Teacher conferences for all students will be set each year to discuss student progress. (Please check the school calendar)

Complaint resolution Should a time arise when there is a disagreement between parents and a teacher, first make every attempt to resolve the issue with the teacher. If this is unsuccessful, arrange a principal, teacher and parent meeting. If this meeting does not resolve the issue, parents have the right to request to be on the board agenda.

Adult Behavior at Sporting Events Your help is needed at sporting events. While we understand that it is always exciting to watch the Hawks play, we also know it can be very frustrating. Your attitude affects the way we play as a team, the way the referees call our games and the way the community respects us. If we have differences of opinion, let’s take care of them the next day by seeing the Athletic Director or the Principal. Nobody wins on the court when we don’t show good sportsmanship.

Divorce, Custody and Visitation Problems It is our personal and professional belief that school needs to be a safe, non-threatening place where students learn skills they will need throughout life. We ask families to please keep our environment as stress free as possible by not involving the school in any custody or divorce matters. The ability to learn can be drastically affected when children are under stress and conflicts, which revolve around family problems being brought to school. We will do all we can to create an atmosphere where children feel safe, loved and relaxed.  Help us help our children by keeping our school a place of peace, cooperation and understanding where family issues are involved. We all want what is best for the child.

  • In cases of divorce, custodial issues, visitation rights and other parental issues, all court instructions need to be spelled out specifically in a court document, written with the knowledge of both parents.
  • All court orders must be on file in the school office before they are enforceable by the school.

Messages Please make your child aware of plans for the day. Emergencies do not include forgetting homework, materials, or lunch money. If your child forgets his/her lunch money, lunch will be charged until the following day. Social arrangements and rides to and from school should be settled before the students arrive at school.

The office personnel at RHMS are extremely busy; however, emergency messages will be delivered if at all possible. After 1:00 PM. many students are in special classes, on the playground, or otherwise out-of-pocket. Please make sure your child knows how he/she is getting home, etc., before they leave home.