Robotics Club

Robotics Club


Cody Blevins


  • Must maintain above a C average in all classes
  • Must provide a recommendation from a previous teacher when turning in an application
  • Be able to work with others as a team
  • Be able to stay after school consistently at least twice a week.

Robotics is challenging but is also really fun. In Robotics you will learn a myriad of problem-solving skills and the design process to solve the given problem. Once you design your robot you will program it to operate in the manner in which you desire. Once we reach this goal it is time to take our final product and compete in tournaments around the state with aspirations of making it to the state finals! 

 Joining robotics will connect you with your peers and create a collection of great memories. It will also provide you with the skills to solve problems others may feel are too difficult to tackle. You will gain an understanding of logic and coding that gives you a wonderful accolade to include on college applications. Not to mention if we make it to state finals and win we get to go to the world’s championship which was located in France last year.