Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

The Principal or Director may suspend/expel any student from attendance  at school or any school-related activity on or off campus or from attendance at a specific class or classes, or from riding a school bus, without suspending such student from attendance at school (in-school suspension), for good and sufficient reasons. Student offenses are in four categories. Most of these are listed below. Administrators responsible for discipline will classify any offense not listed below. Any threat of violence will be taken seriously.


Offenses to be administered by the school that may result in detention, loss of privilege, corporal punishment-suspension due to severity of incident, or  ISS (In-School Suspension)

  1. Refusing to do assigned work
  2. Tardiness (class or school)
  3. Refusing to participate in required school activities (wellness activities, reading, instruction, etc.)
  4. Minor violations of school or classroom rules
  5. Conduct which disrupts the peace or good order of the school or the learning environment (impudence, disorderly conduct, and no regard for authority, etc.)
  6. Inappropriate dress or appearance considered disruptive to the school.
  7. Unauthorized use of copying machine, computer, phones, or printers or school/teacher personal property.
  8. Loitering (no student should remain at school beyond 3:15).
  9. Inappropriate public display of affection
  10. No food, no drinks, and “NO CHEWING GUM”!


Offenses that may result in suspension or referral outside the school ***If any student is placed in ISS, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any school function including field trips, athletic practices or contests.

First Time Category II Offense: 3-5 day’s suspension (ISS)

Second Time Category II Offense: Up to 10 days’ suspension, after behavior board hearing

Third Time Category II Offense: Referral to Board of Education for expulsion

  1. Fighting (both parties, unless one was attacked for no apparent reason)
  2. Use of foul or abusive language
  3. Disrespect  to teacher/staff member
  4. Harassment (verbal or physical) including using electronic devices (ex, iPads/phones/computers etc.)
  5. Assault (verbal or physical)
  6. Use or possession of tobacco in any form
  7. Use or possession of Vape in any form
  8. Use or possession of any incendiary device (i.e. lighter, matches)
  9. Insubordination (not following a directive from a teacher, administrator or other school system employee)
  10. Repeated refusal to do assigned work
  11. Chronic disruption
  12. Dishonesty (copying, cheating, forging signatures, etc.)
  13. Misuse/destruction of school property•
  14. Sexual misconduct
  15. Participation in school disruption
  16. Receipt, sale, possession or distribution of stolen property (reported to legal authorities)
  17. Trespassing on school property
  18. Prescription drug policy violation
  19. Computer hacking or tampering
  20. Stealing (may be reported to the police)
  21. Bullying, threatening, hazing or intimidating behavior(including cyber bullying)
  22. Defiance


Offenses in this category are not automatically considered zero tolerance but will be treated as such by the principal unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  1. Pulling a fire alarm or otherwise causing one to sound when no fire or smoke is visible
  2. Possession or detonation of an incendiary or explosive material (firecracker or greater as well as stink/smoke bombs, poppers, etc.
  3. Destruction of school property
  4. Sexual  harassment (including cyber)
  5. Inciting disruption of school activities (i.e. stopping normal proceedings in school)
  6. Repeated violation of school rules.
  7. Verbal or physical assault of a student/employee


There shall be ZERO TOLERANCE for the following offenses and these offenses shall be reported to the director of schools and the Board for expulsion and will also be reported to law enforcement officers.

  1. Possession/use of alcohol and/or other drugs (shall be reported to law enforcement)
  2. Possession/sale/distribution of drug paraphernalia (including rolling papers)(STATE MANDATED)
  4. Bomb  threat/explosives  (STATE MANDATED)
  5. Possession/sale/use or distribution of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances (shall be reported to law enforcement)
  6. Possession and/or use of weapons or any instrument used as a weapon to injure someone intentionally or any instrument or toy intended to be a weapon. This includes handguns,  rifle/shotgun (STATE MANDATED)
  7. Aggravated Assault to a Staff (STATE MANDATED)