Tate Blake Class of 2013

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Blake Tate – Class of 2013

Blake Tate graduated Summa Cum Laude from UT in May 2016 witha BA in Political Science and a minor in PhilosophyHe will be heading to UT Law School in the fall.

Blake Tate was selected to the Freshman Council at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The Freshmen Council was a part of the Student Government Association. The Freshmen Council is made up of 44 freshmen (22 men and 22 ladies) that works on legislative issues and lobby with administrators on behalf of the freshman class. He helped to plan and participated in various philanthropic and social events during the year.

Blake was also in three other committees that are a part of UTK Student Government. The first committee was the Legislative Committee which writes the bills that will be sent to the Senate. The next committee was the Government Affairs Committee. This committee focuses on the policies that the Tennessee State Legislature creates that affects the University of Tennessee. Blake represented the University of Tennessee at the State Legislature in Nashville. The last committee was the Diversity Affairs Committee, which consisted of sixteen members. The goal of this committee was to bring cultural awareness across the campus and to foster positive relationships with individuals and groups in other campus communities.